In This New Year…

In this new year:

Recognize you are a sparkling present from the cosmos, and it is time to unwrap yourself and share yourself with the entire world.

Sing love songs to your soul. It’s not about carrying a tune, it’s about playing the symphony that is you.

Treasure your loved ones, even when they seem unlovable. It is in those toughest moments they are saying most loudly, “Somebody, please love me.”

Look each day in the mirror knowing what you are – love made visible.

Know you are an angel and an ancestor with this planet. Your presence here now makes a difference, while at the same time leaving an echo of perfection for those who are yet to be born.

Find adventure in every day and notice how your courage to do new things, big and small, inspires others to unwrap themselves for the world too.

Realize that with every sadness you are blessed to have your heart cracked wide open. One of the great mysteries in life is that by feeling our suffering we also invite in the possibility of feeling great joy. Suffering and joy are your partners in wholeness.

Delight in the knowing that your light has already illuminated darkened paths, your gaze has already lifted broken spirits, and your gentle life has changed the destiny of all you have touched.

Keep the awareness alive that you carry the peace of the world within yourself.

Remember that the force moving the stars is the same force that moves the human heart. Embrace this cosmic view, and you will know that this force is alive in all things. So open yourself to the movement of the stars and the movement of your heart, realizing you are a necessary part of the interconnectedness of all life.


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