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Join me in Guatemala for a 10-day life changing experience!

March 11-21, 2017 – $2045, plus airfare

Every trip with Pilgrims with Purpose™ includes time spent touring the country (including sacred sites), spiritual connection and relationship building among our group, and compassionate action – engaging volunteers in working alongside local people in a capacity that truly serves those in the community.

About Guatemala

Mysterious and often challenging, Central America’s most diverse country offers landscapes and experiences that have been captivating travelers for centuries. Guatemala has everything a traveler could hope for. History, culture, natural beauty, majestic ruins and gorgeous colonial streetscapes. The only limits to your adventure here are those set by your imagination.

Guatemala is a small country, lush and mountainous, that is graced with beautiful scenery, a rich indigenous culture, colonial history and important archaeological ruins. The country lies at the heart of the Mayan culture in Central America with remarkable Mayan sites scattered throughout the land, none more so than the magnificent ruins of the UNESCO World Heritage Site ancient city of Tikal, set deep within the jungle.

guatemala-women_2432296kThe Mayan villages of the highlands are spread amid the breathtaking scenery of smoking volcanoes and spectacular lakes, where ancient customs and traditions persist despite five centuries of European domination. Their culture is expressed through vibrant weekly markets, bright traditional clothing, fabulous handicrafts, different languages and colorful religious festivals. Guatemalan society is split between the traditional and the modern, each following their own path in a country sprinkled with remnants of a colonial past. Nowhere is the Spanish legacy more evident than in the charming city of Antigua with its cobbled streets, plazas and elegant fountains, and towering volcanoes as a backdrop.

Travelers are drawn to the intriguing mix of cultures and history set amid dramatic scenery, with extremely considerate people to show them the sights that Guatemalans are justifiably proud of.

 This trip includes (details still to be finalized):

  • Accommodations while in country
  • Meals (at this time we cannot firmly say ALL meals, but plan on at least two meals each day)
  • Transfers
  • Volunteer experience
  • Tikal Ruins and other sightseeing tours
  • Lake Atitlan and surrounding villages tours
  • Ecotouring extensive wildlife-rich rainforest
  • Sacred sites and private ceremony with local shaman

Volunteering Activities (details still to be finalized):

  • Working with the community center
  • Working with the women coop in the community
  • Community gardening program
  • Youth education opportunities