June 2017

Yin Yang Dance of Faith

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Faith is a funny thing. I can recall being seven years old, asking my mother theological questions about our faith, and her telling me with great conviction that some things we weren’t meant to know or understand. Needless to say, that answer was less than satisfying. Eventually she told me there were “man made” rules [...]

September 2015

You Be Peace, and Then You Be Peace

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So what exactly do I mean when I say you be peace and then you be peace? Well depending on who you ask, if you want peace in the world, you must “BE peace,” meaning you must first find peace in your heart through meditation, or other contemplative practices. You must look within and heal your [...]

September 2014

Our Spiritual Sense of Hearing as Prayer

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One of the treasures in my life is the ability to lose myself in a song. Closing my eyes and allowing the words and music to play through me – to stop listening with my ears and listen with my heart. As the music washes over me, my mind relaxes, my breathing slows and I quietly drift into unexpected places of creation. This is the sacred discipline of deep listening, of being spiritually attentive through our hearing sense.

February 2014

Paradoxes of Peace: Individual and Community

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Peace is one of those seemingly intangible, shape-shifting things in life, such as love, that molds our lives so intensely. It’s not necessarily something I can hold in my hand or perhaps physically give to you, and there are no words to adequately define the experience or even give a “correct” definition. Yet it is the [...]

January 2013

Belonging in the Spiral of Peace

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I am always amazed at how the most intangible things in life such as love, fear, joy, uncertainty, or peace shape our lives so intensely. They aren’t things I can hold in my hand or physically give to you, and there are no words to adequately define the experience of these intangibles. Yet they are the [...]