December 2017

Bubble Up Faith

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I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t love bubbles. The fascination begins in childhood, and never leaves. Regardless of our age, we have always loved bubbles at bath time, having your nose tickled as you lift a carbonated drink to your lips, practicing blowing bubbles with chewing gum, even making shapes with the [...]

August 2017

Spiritual Care During Times of Disaster

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First let me start by saying I hold all those who have been affected by the devastation from #Harvey in my heart - enfolding all life, including those providing the necessary life giving aid, care and comfort. I can’t begin to imagine the fear, anger and terror being experienced. I am watching from a distance [...]

July 2017

Freedom’s just another word for…

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Every time a holiday, a repeat special event or ceremony comes around I sometimes think it’s cliché to talk about it - AGAIN. It seems expected, overdone, and frankly I wonder if there is anything else new to offer on the subject or any more gold to be mined. And yet here I sit with [...]

June 2017

Yin Yang Dance of Faith

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Faith is a funny thing. I can recall being seven years old, asking my mother theological questions about our faith, and her telling me with great conviction that some things we weren’t meant to know or understand. Needless to say, that answer was less than satisfying. Eventually she told me there were “man made” rules [...]

February 2017

Welcome to My World

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On Sunday, February 24, 2017, I had the privilege to speak for a few minutes at the KC Interfaith Vigil for Immigrants and Refugees - in response to presidential orders being signed that were banning refugees and immigrants from entering the United States. As the Chair of the Greater Kansas Interfaith Council, I offered these words. [...]

August 2016

The Lesson of Little Blue

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As an anthropologist and minister, I am always intrigued by animal and human behavior. I think it must be in my DNA because I am unconsciously and eternally fascinated, drawn in and left wondering what is next to unfold as I watch creatures go about their day. I just can’t seem to get enough. Within [...]

Does Your Faith Ignite Your Imagination?

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We seem to be deluged with never-ending newspaper and TV coverage about the Syrian/Iraqi refugee crisis and the threat of extremist violence. Each time it shows up in my newsfeed on Facebook, cuts into a TV show I am enjoying, or I hear people in a coffee shop talking about it frantically, I am bombarded [...]

June 2016

5 Near-Death Experience Lessons No One Tells You: #4 & 5

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Finally, here are Lessons 4 and 5. If you've read the other two articles which house Lessons 1, 2 and 3, just scroll down to #4. If you haven't read the first two installments of this little series, you may want to read the intro and first lesson. Lessons 2 and 3 can be found here. I'm [...]

5 Near-Death Experience Lessons No One Tells You: #2 & 3

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This post is the second part of a series of some lessons surrounding my recent near death experience. If you haven't read the first lesson, you may want to pause here and read the intro - I'm guessing it will help you set the context for what you are about to read. Here's the lessons, and [...]

5 Near-Death Experience Lessons No One Tells You: #1

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Most of us have heard stories of near-death experiences, also known as NDE. Maybe you’ve listened to someone on Oprah, read it in a book, or witnessed a close friend or relative walk through it. Hell, maybe you’ve had one of your own. My point is that when you read or listen to these stories, [...]

April 2016

When Someone Says “I Love You,” RESPOND

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Recently I was gravely ill… I heard my mom use that adjective with someone a few weeks ago when explaining what I had been through. Heavy, burdensome, hard to bear - these are all ways to define the root of the word, and all things I am experiencing. Mostly the “hard to bear” part lately. [...]

December 2015

Love Your Neighbor Like WHAT???

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I just can’t take it anymore. I am soooo tired of this crap. And even those words fall short of the level of powerlessness alive in me. Millions of us who, like me, watch with horror, confusion, desperation and helplessness every time there is a mass shooting. This one in San Bernardino less than a [...]

October 2015

Remains of My Day

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I just arrived in Salt Lake City for the 2015 Parliament of World’s Religions. There is an expectation of at least 10,000 people from around the world converging on this very diverse city nestled in the Rocky Mountains. That’s a boat load of people speaking over 100 different languages, and sharing as many faith expressions! [...]

April 2015

Muppet Theology

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Two things I love about the wisdom of the Muppets, First, their philosophy is eternal. It was here long before Jim Henson, and will be here long after the Muppets retire. The second reason I think the Muppets are necessary for life’s learning, is because it reminds me there is hope. Hope for the spiritual realities we yearn for in life, regardless of one’s faith philosophy or tradition.

September 2014

Our Spiritual Sense of Seeing as Prayer

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Everywhere I look there are TV shows, articles, pictures, poems, reflections and pithy aphorisms about love, oneness and seeing or knowing God. If I didn’t know better I would think we were hungry, or even starving, to see Spirit! In our spiritual journey we seek to define God, to manifest Spirit, to know our faith and to live it. I sometimes find myself drifting in and out of knowing the Divine, and what it means to fully “see” God, or even to have faith in what I am doing.

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