January 2018

Out with the Mold, in with the True

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I recently spent a month in South Carolina helping my mom with her recovery from knee replacement surgery. When it came time for me to return home, I had mixed feelings. I knew I couldn't stay there, eventually everyone needs to return home, but I didn’t know what I was coming home to. I wasn’t [...]

December 2017

Bubble Up Faith

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I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t love bubbles. The fascination begins in childhood, and never leaves. Regardless of our age, we have always loved bubbles at bath time, having your nose tickled as you lift a carbonated drink to your lips, practicing blowing bubbles with chewing gum, even making shapes with the [...]

July 2017

Freedom’s just another word for…

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Every time a holiday, a repeat special event or ceremony comes around I sometimes think it’s cliché to talk about it - AGAIN. It seems expected, overdone, and frankly I wonder if there is anything else new to offer on the subject or any more gold to be mined. And yet here I sit with [...]

April 2017

Palm Sunday: Which Procession Are You In?

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One of the treasures in my life is the ability to lose myself in a song. Closing my eyes and allowing the words and music to play through me – to stop listening with my ears and listen with my heart. As the music washes over me, my mind relaxes, my breathing slows and I [...]

August 2016

The Lesson of Little Blue

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As an anthropologist and minister, I am always intrigued by animal and human behavior. I think it must be in my DNA because I am unconsciously and eternally fascinated, drawn in and left wondering what is next to unfold as I watch creatures go about their day. I just can’t seem to get enough. Within [...]

June 2016

Faith and Pickle Juice – It Is What It Is

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I’m sitting in the cancer center, hooked up to an IV for my iron infusion for the next 6 hours, watching worlds go by. I am in a large room full of recliners, IV stands, rolling carts filled with anything your nurse could need - gauze pads in 6 different sizes, 5 varying lengths and [...]

5 Near-Death Experience Lessons No One Tells You: #4 & 5

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Finally, here are Lessons 4 and 5. If you've read the other two articles which house Lessons 1, 2 and 3, just scroll down to #4. If you haven't read the first two installments of this little series, you may want to read the intro and first lesson. Lessons 2 and 3 can be found here. I'm [...]

5 Near-Death Experience Lessons No One Tells You: #2 & 3

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This post is the second part of a series of some lessons surrounding my recent near death experience. If you haven't read the first lesson, you may want to pause here and read the intro - I'm guessing it will help you set the context for what you are about to read. Here's the lessons, and [...]

5 Near-Death Experience Lessons No One Tells You: #1

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Most of us have heard stories of near-death experiences, also known as NDE. Maybe you’ve listened to someone on Oprah, read it in a book, or witnessed a close friend or relative walk through it. Hell, maybe you’ve had one of your own. My point is that when you read or listen to these stories, [...]

May 2016

You Breathe In Me

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How often have you used the phrase, “it took my breath away?” The other day I pulled over to allow an ambulance safe passage. As I listened to the screaming vehicle fast approaching, the sound literally took my breath away. Finally I saw the ambulance come over the hill and the driver barely looked both [...]

April 2016

A Two-Letter Word Changes the World

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The other day I saw a social media post from a spiritual leader that seriously hooked me and within seconds I was completely torqued! Totally pissed me off! Huge judgments running through my mind, and it sat so heavily on me I had to send an email to friend and rant for a couple paragraphs [...]

December 2015

New Year’s Revolutions

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At the end of each December I think about intentions I may want to focus on for the next 365 days because I don’t do resolutions. However, I definitely do REVOLUTIONS. That’s what these questions, What if? and Why not? help create for us. I always have the feeling that maybe, just maybe, I am [...]

My Peace I Leave You

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It's the end of the second week of Advent, the week we focus on Peace, and I am wondering how much peace everyone is feeling or practicing in light of recent events, both here at home and abroad. Sometimes peace can seem a little out of reach or maybe for a few folks, even difficult [...]

Love Your Neighbor Like WHAT???

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I just can’t take it anymore. I am soooo tired of this crap. And even those words fall short of the level of powerlessness alive in me. Millions of us who, like me, watch with horror, confusion, desperation and helplessness every time there is a mass shooting. This one in San Bernardino less than a [...]

August 2015

Want to Change Your Life? Unpack Your Bags

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Did you ever listen to the announcements at the airport about claiming your baggage? In case you didn’t know it, there is baggage claim etiquette: Make your bags easy to find, so buy a suitcase that is neon green or has purple polka dots. My favorite is the one with bright police-crime-scene tape wrapped around [...]

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