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Transformational Leadership: Harness the Ancient Wisdom of Paradox

Want to learn how to move through change – personally and organizationally – efficiently, effectively and with sustainable results?

Here’s how: Foundations in Polarity Thinking™

The word “paradox” is often used to talk about frustrating situations in which traditional problem solving does not seem to work. We encounter paradox in the form of conflicts, resistance to change, fixes that fail and chronic issues that we can’t seem to move beyond. Discover how paradox is a gift that can become a useful resource for enhancing the lives of each of us and all of us.
We live in an ever-changing and complex world, and the spiritual landscape is no exception! Leaders are faced with problems that cannot be addressed by ‘either/or’ solutions – because these “problems” aren’t problems at all – they are “polarities.” Polarities are also known as paradoxes, tensions, dilemmas, conflicts and wicked problems.
Polarities are interdependent pairs that need each other over time. They are energy systems in which we live in and which live in us. Problems have independent solutions – they can be solved. Polarities require a “both/and” mindset and trying to choose between the two ‘solutions’ creates tension, slows innovation, and keeps organizations swinging between two mediocre states.

Knowing how to move in the life energies of polarities can make the difference between surviving and thriving. This course will challenge you to work on your own spiritual maturity as well as the maturity of the organization or community in which you are involved.

This highly experiential workshop will help you:

  • Understand how polarities work and distinguish between problems and polarities
  • Use Polarity Thinking™ to begin addressing real leadership and organizational issues
  • Enhance your capacity to move through change more efficiently and sustainably
  • Increase your ability to develop teams and organizations to be more innovative
  • Enhance the quality of life for yourself, your organization and community
  • Have some fun while accomplishing critical goals and objectives

Visionary leaders find ways to embrace paradox:

  • Like to improve your ability to move through conflict and change toward improved mutual benefit?
  • Familiar with feeling stuck, thinking “haven’t we been here before?”
  • Experiencing chronic seemingly unsolvable issues that leave you with failed fixes?
  • Ever felt as though you were moving through change without a compass or map?
  • Interested in harnessing the wisdom inherent in resistance and conflict in order to move toward more authentic expressions?
  • Want to “see” people more completely so you can increase your capacity to love?

Unleash the positive power of differences
Learn to harness Polarity Thinking™

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