Living Out Loud 2017-03-01T16:47:45+00:00

In order to love fully and live deeply in the face of life we must ask ourselves:

  • How will we use our time on earth?

  • How do we hold each other as we navigate our lives?

  • How will we care for each other?

This authentic unfolding is the journey of LIVING OUT LOUD. It is the work of being human, paying attention to and staying close to what is most sacred – which is the life you have right now, as well as the life you have lived.

In this hands-on, hearts-on workshop, through the use of ancient and contemporary wisdom, you will:

  • Be present to, affirm and learn to value the deep and life-giving material of your own life experiences
  • Explore how to embrace your joys and sufferings in order to live the life you have – no matter that is happening
  • Open up to and meet the difficulties that life brings in order to write your next chapter of life
  • Write the next chapter of your life – a life of love

Join us for this day of exploring the practice of being a spirit in the world. Together, we navigate the nature of fear, pain, vulnerability, and resilience.

We will also delve into what it means to be transformed by what we go through, and how to access our inner resources for learning, growing, and healing ourselves, relationships, communities and the world.

No experience is required. Bring a beginner’s mind and heart, a willingness to listen to yourself and others, and your fun-spirited nature!


You are truly a great one. I am on your team anytime anywhere anyplace. Thanks for being such a majorly- enlightened- way- above- normal-in fact-super -sonic-human- being.
Lynne Twist
Kelly took us from the edge of strategic planning failure and helped us transform our work into something amazing. Her experience and no-nonsense approach helped us focus on what truly mattered and we created a vision that actually works! She knows her stuff and makes the process more fun than it has any right to be. She truly was transformative for me and our organization!
Ben C.
I highly recommend Kelly to lead any group to manifest their true intentions, heart’s desires and goals. She is so intuitive and flexible, she can work her magic in any setting; from a board room to a classroom to a church fellowship hall. Spend an hour with Kelly and you will see what I mean.
Bob W.