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You’ve heard of IQ. And maybe EQ. Now discover SQ: the new frontier of personal growth and organizational leadership.

Courageous. Wise. Authentic. Compassionate. Peaceful. Whether we are religious believers, atheists, or anything in between, it turns out we can agree quite easily on what it means to be a spiritually evolved human being. The more difficult question is, how do we get there? And how can we measure our progress? In SQ21, Cindy Wigglesworth translates spirituality into Spiritual Intelligence: a skill-set like EQ (emotional intelligence) that can be developed and measured. In her empowering and practical book, she shares 21 Skills that can help you live a life of wisdom, compassion, and authentic leadership.

SQ21 hardcover FinalSpiritual Intelligence is defined as “the ability to behave with wisdom and compassion while maintaining inner and outer peace regardless of the situation.” Like Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) can be defined by specific skills which have been rigorously researched and tested. You’ll find them in Cindy Wigglesworth’s groundbreaking new book SQ21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence.

What You’ll Learn

The SQ21 model translates the most-admired qualities of our spiritual heroes—people like Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, or Martin Luther King Jr.—into a set of 21 skills that can be measured and intentionally developed. You will learn how to:

  • Recognize the voice of Higher Self
  • Live a life that is on-purpose and values-driven
  • Understand people with very different points of view
  • Sustain faith during challenging times
  • Make compassionate and wise decisions

Incorporating the best of contemporary and traditional spiritual wisdom in language that is faith neutral and faith-friendly, SQ21 is an invaluable tool for leaders, educators, coaches, consultants and anyone else seeking an effective, rational, and holistic way to embrace spirituality and see results.

This workshop includes:

  • An online spiritual intelligence assessment thoroughly tested and cross-correlated with another respected Harvard Instrument
  • Your personalized twenty-page report with a snapshot of how you currently use your innate spiritual intelligence, along with options for further growth
  • A 75-minute personal coaching debrief on your SQ21 results, including discussion of implications and possible options for further growth and development
  • A workshop conducted by Rev. Kelly Isola, Certified Spiritual Intelligence Coach, for a deep dive into the background context of your SQ21 report including the framework, skills, the meaning of your results and next steps for developing your Spiritual Intelligence skills

Want to know more about Spiritual Intelligence and the SQ21?

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