Jesus Speaks to the 12: John, Phillip and Bartholomew

Part 2 of a 4-part series leading up to Holy Thursday. Each day 3 disciples present at the Last Supper are highlighted. It is partially inspired by the Unity teaching of the Twelve Powers. Part 1 sets the context and Jesus speaks to Peter, Andrew and James.

Jesus speaks to John

I look at you, John, and I smile, chuckling inside for just a moment. There have been times when you seemed least like the others of our little group. I know that sounds odd, after all, so often you seem to fit in everywhere, with strangers and friends alike. And yet at moments it’s as though you simultaneously fit nowhere. There’s really no other way to say what you have been for me, except to say you are love – incarnate. So for me to also say it seems like you don’t fit in at times, does indeed seem paradoxical!

I think the reason for this is because we don’t often know how to be in the energy of love when it is TRULY expressed. But you are so unique, you don’t even think about it, there is nothing to decide – you are just love. Sadly, I think because people so rarely experience the love you embody, they don’t know how to be around you. I confess there have been times when I wasn’t sure.

We aren’t used to this kind of love, so it can feel unsettling, foreign, maybe even frightening if a person thinks themselves unworthy. What you have shown me is that love doesn’t discriminate, YOU don’t discriminate, you simply love for love’s sake. You see everything – every fault, lie, hurt, misunderstanding, mistake – EVERYTHING. Yet at the same time, you see none of it. Because love sees more of things, it sees less.

It is your God nature which is love, creating the space for sharing my innermost shadows and wounds, and then drawing me out to rest in your safety, to know my own healing and wholeness. You are a soft place to fall when my world is circling out of control. It is love which does this, it is you John, who has done this for me, and will always do so because I believe you can’t be anything less. Before I leave this world John, I want you to know this is who you have been for me, and the world is better for it.

Jesus speaks to Phillip

Whenever I get ready to speak with you Phillip, I find myself taking a deep breath, which brings me a sense of being grounded, a sense of standing on a solid foundation. That simple act of a slow, deep breath before I speak is the perfect symbol for you Phillip. Through this short time we have known each other I have watched you come to Truth slowly, like a long inhale filling your lungs. Even times when you don’t recognize Truth staring you in the face, you still take life in and make space for Truth to germinate.

Then I see it – your face changes as you continue to breathe slowly. I see you awaken to the power that you are by harnessing all the life energies within yourself! Once harnessed you have an uncanny ability to direct it with laser focus in order to bring forth God ideas here on earth. Everything about you shifts and your glory starts to shine! After your glory begins to shine, then comes your voice filled with what you have just realized, and I am captivated. You amaze me and take my breath away. You have made my ministry a sanctuary of power and grace.

From every miracle you have witnessed, to the difficult encounters with those who work to deny the life, love, power and substance that is God, you continually work at coming into your own. Each time you find your voice, you leave echoes of perfection that gently land on people’s hearts, while also lighting the path for those who are lost. Your presence reverberates this as possibly our greatest creative power coming to life. Before I leave this world Phillip, I want you to know this is who you have been for me, and the world is better for it.

Jesus speaks to Bartholomew

I am so grateful Phillip brought you into my life Bartholomew, and I probably haven’t told you often enough. On numerous occasions you have helped me see beyond what is in front of me. Your capacity to imagine the unimaginable fascinates me and encourages me to do the same. As you know, there have been times when I didn’t understand why people couldn’t hear my message, I didn’t understand how they could ignore the cries of those who need food, warmth and nurturing.

With great clarity and with no words, you have brought me back to focus, simply by looking me in the eyes, and reflecting back to me the image and likeness of God. In doing so you awakened me to ever-greater, imaginative ways to show my divinity through my humanity. It is through me, as a human, that God takes shape, and there are infinite ways to do that. Do you realize how many of those ways you have demonstrated?

You always make me laugh, I don’t want to forget to tell you that. Sometimes it takes me a few minutes to catch up to your brain, it’s always creating and giving shape to the sacred, as well as the sublime! Mostly what I am grateful for is your capacity to shape and form God into what the world needs most: compassion, joy, support, love, silliness, kindness, courage, enthusiasm and so much more. You remind me of the infinite possibilities available at all times. In my world you are the “good life,” eternally present, molded and shaped from body, mind and spirit. Before I leave this world Bartholomew, I want you to know this is who you have been for me, and the world is better for it.


The Twelve Powers are core abilities within each of us that we are using whether we know it or not. We consciously use them to handle every life situation so we can be the best we can be. Each of our Twelve Powers has a focused use and purpose – we use them together, in concert, to master the art of living. They are faith, strength, wisdom, love, power, imagination, understanding, will, order, zeal, release and life.

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    I love this series. I was fascinated by the energy triggered up in this. Reassuring and insightful.

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